Door hardware refers to the accessories attached to the door with an aim to improve its beauty, increase its functionality and most importantly, enhance security. The door hardware may include door handles, hinges, fasteners, locks, closer and openers, door knockers, peepholes, door stops and finger-plates. Depending on your preferences, you will have to decide which part of the door hardware you need most. This article provides some tips which may be essential in helping you make your selection.


Security - This is usually a top priority when selecting door hardware because everyone wants to make sure that house occupants are safe. In most case, many people prefer keypad door lock. A simple lock is most recommendable because it is simple to operate, unlike a complicated lock which may be complex and need regular maintenance. Your door must have inside hinges as this would be difficult to for buglers to break them lose. Most hinges are made of stainless steel or brass as these materials are durable and sturdy. Use long screws on the hinges so that they remain stable holding the door such that no one can interfere with them. You can also have peepholes to check whoever is at the door before opening. The peepholes should be one way so that no stranger would have a chance to peep at the inside of the house.


Attachments and accessories - You cannot ignore the importance of other Door accessories such as door knockers, address plates, and towel hangers because they enhance the functionality of the door. For instance, the door stops are useful in keeping the door in position so that it does not swing and destroy the painting on the walls or nearby furniture. The openers keep the doors open whenever you want them to be in that position.


Interior Hardware - The interior side of the door may have door pulls instead of using the bike lock. You may opt for a variety of locks on different doors in the interior of the house. In bathrooms and bedrooms, you can use privacy locks which consist of buttons instead of keys.


Home decorations - As you choose your door hardware, it is important to keep the need for home decorations in your mind. There are various materials, designs, color and styles of door hardware which can combine perfectly with most of your home items. You may read more about door lock at


Budget - It is essential that your keep in mind your budget so that you do not overspend on the door hardware. Fortunately, there is numerous door hardware which is affordable to every budget that you may have.